August 24, 2010

Victoria finally realizes that her bloodtype is A after 24 years

It was revealed that f(x)’s charismatic member Victoria had the wrong information about her blood type up until now.
On May, talented girl group f(x) released their new song NU ABO where they explained that the meaning behind the title Nu ABO refers to a new blood type apart from A, B, O or AB. Not long after NU ABO was released, f(x) appeared as guests for a radio program where they explained this song title’s meaning and talked about their own blood types.
When asked about her blood type Victoria replied, “Up until now I thought my blood type was O. However, recently we were promotional representatives for blood donation services and got our blood tested where I found out I was actually an A.” Regarding Victoria who for 24 years had the wrong information about her own blood type netizens responded, “She seems a bit out of it but she’s still cute,” and “Please reveal clearly from now on that your blood type is A.”
Meanwhile, last June f(x) members attended the 7th anniversary World Blood Donation Day event at Seoul’s Sejong Cultural Center.

Credit: allkpop

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