August 08, 2010

Khuntoria WGM Episode 4

Nichkhun fails to keep his promise with Victoria?

On the latest episode of We Got Married on July 17th, the Khuntoria couple of Nichkhun and Victoria met again after being apart for 20 days for a train vacation.

It wasn’t the best of start for the “newly-wed couple” though. When they parted in the last episode, Nichkhun had suggested that they should keep a photo diary and then do an exchange when they meet again.

Nichkhun confessed that he did not keep a diary but he did take photos. But he forgot to bring them and apologized again and again. This left Victoria a tad disappointed as she had kept her promise and showed Nichkhun her photo diary which she had done with all her love but the situation turned slightly awkward.

But it soon brightened up as Victoria then bought out her lunchbox consisting of fruits and sandwiches which left Nichkhun touched.

These had been prepared personally by Victoria late in the night after she went online and searched for what Nichkhun liked in particular.

Not just Nichkhun, even the studio guests like Kim Jung Min and Seulong had praise for Victoria, “She is really charismatic,” etc.

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