August 16, 2010

Mommy Victoria taught MBLAQ’s G.O how to pick tomatoes

On the August 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Invincible Youth’, MBLAQ guest-starred to help G7 gather farm crops. On this day, Victoria and G.O gathered tomatoes together, and she showed him her own unique method of picking tomatoes, causing laughter.
Victoria explained, “Fruits and animals have feelings”, “If I cut your arm off, it would hurt. You must always get permission from the fruit you’re picking first”. G.O, who was fascinated with Victoria’s gathering method, attempted to try it out while picking tomatoes.
When G.O yelled with a loud voice, “Wow! Tomatoes!”, Victoria stopped him, saying, “If you talk that loudly, the tomatoes will get scared”. To this, G.O picked the tomatoes while talking to them with a smooth voice, and when a small part fell by mistake, G.O said, “This is my apology”, and kissed the tomato, making everyone laugh.
Watching this, Victoria said, “You were a bit awkward because this was your first time, but you did well”, accepting him and bringing laughter.
On this day of ‘Invincible Youth’, MBLAQ Lee Joon tried to hidden camera Kim TaeWoo and failed, instead getting tricked himself.
SOURCE: Review Star

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