August 31, 2010

f(x) Sexy Hip Video Attracts Lots of Viewers

f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal and Sulli’s sexy video has attracted a lot of viewers. The video was made to promote a brand of jeans.

The ‘Calvin Klein”s new denim icon was promoted through f(x)’s Victoria, Krystal and Sulli’s sexy jeans line, and was captured on a 30-second video.

This time, Calvin Klein’s ‘X-film’ has a sensual image. This CF is Calvin Klein’s visual collaboration project.

In the video, Sulli appears to be an innocent, pure and cute girl, while Victoria was looking at a mysterious stranger and has a sexy atmosphere. Krystal, on the other hand, was punching people with neckties, showing intense charisma.

These Calvin Klein X Jeans advertised and gave away a new different feeling to a fresh pair of jeans through the visual advertisements they’re showing.

The 30-second video is viewable at YouTube and several online sites like MNet and OnStyle. The images will be released by early September.

Picture Credits: Calvin Klein Jeans

Source: SeoulNTN
Translated by: spiceshoe @ iheartf(x)

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