August 15, 2010

Waking up 2PM in the morning

Earlier this week we reported that 2PM’s new dorm would be revealed through the SBS HahaMong Show.
On August 15th, Haha and MC Mong raided 2PM’s new dorm for the HahaMong Show corner,Mother’s Favor.
The beastly idols were caught off-guard, in their natural habitats. From Chansung and Wooyoung who were found sleeping in the living room, to Nichkhun who looked like a sleeping angel, and the wildTaecyeon, the temporary mothers Haha and MC Mong went around to wake each of the 2PM members and helped them wash up.
In particular, 2PM’s half-awake attempt to dance to their hit songs Again & Again and Heartbeat brought about much laugher.
The HahaMong mothers prepared a special summer camp for the 2PM members who were too busy this summer to have any summer vacation. At the camp site, the HahaMong mothers prepared dinner for 2PM as they shared stories about their families.

Credit: allkpop

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