August 21, 2010

2PM-Nichkhun shows his reaction to Victoria's interest in Jo Kwon's six-pack

New bride, Victoria revealed the surprised situation between her and the senior, 2AM's Jo Kwon.

August 21, 2010 in MBC 'We Got Married' Victoria revealed the 'Jo Kwon senior rolled up the vest to show the six packs' situation with Nichkhun who is her husband.

Today, Nichkhun and Victoria went to Driver Training Institute to learn how to drive a car. After registering, the two sat down and essentially talked about the music program. Victoria talked about being on the stage with Nichkhun and Jo Kwon in KBS 2TV 'Music Bank'.

"At that time, I was watching Jo Kwon who was in some music program and he unexpectedly rolled up his vest. I was very surprised." said Victoria.

When Nichkhun heard what Victoria said, he took his hands to grope for his six pack. He then asked Victoria, "Why did you watch it? Like it?" This showed Nichkhun's jealousy. He then added, "I also have a six pac, you are not able to see it?" He talked with his disappointment. At that day, Nichkhun also rolled up his shirt to show his six pack but the camera didn't photograph on this scene.

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