August 21, 2010

SM Town Live 10 Highlights

Shortly after SM Town Live 10 ended, KBS News was quick to put together a highlight package and run a segment on their show. SM Entertainment artists Super Junior, BoA, SHINee, SNSD / Girls’ Generation, MAX, f(x), TRAX, Kangta, U-Know (Yunho) and others all put on an extravagant show.
Over 35,000 fans filled the seats at Seoul’s Jamsil Olympic Stadium and the concert lasted for over 6 hours. The concert didn’t go off without a hitch however as some of the large screen displays were malfunctioning due to the hot summer heat.

Some of the highlights included SNSD member Jessica and her sister, f(x) Krystal, performing a duet of Ke$ha’s popular Tik Tok. SHINee’s Onew dressed up as a Chinese delivery boy to deliver a microphone. Various SNSD, SHINee and Super Junior members going on stage with presents after BoA’s performance to celebrate BoA’s 10th anniversary. BoA also got her face buried into the celebration cake. U-Know (Yunho) also performed a special never before heard song with MAX titled Maximum.
SM Town Live 10 will continue their tour and visit Japan (Tokyo), China (Shanghai) and America (Los Angeles).

Some photos from the press conference:

Credit: allkpop

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