August 08, 2010

Khuntoria WGM Episode 2

After finally finding his on-screen wife after being confronted by 3 other ladies on last week’s episode, the first date stop of 2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria was at none other than a samgyupsal restaurant.

In Korea, when one goes out to eat with friends, families, and significant others at meat (bulgogi, samgyupsal, etc) restaurants, washing down the meal with some liquor is a plus.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, Nichkhun initiated the drinking mood by asking Victoria:

N: “Is there a liquor beverage that you like? Soju or beer?”

V: “I like the — beverage. It’s a yellow liquor.”

Nichkun then searched and asked around for that specific beverage in the restaurant, sadly to find out that the restaurant ran out of those in stock. When he brought back a different beverage, Victoria disappointingly replied, “Then I won’t drink.”

Finally, Nichkhun prepared the yellow liquor that Victoria wanted, and started to tap his elbows against the bottom of the bottle, displaying his knowledge of Korean drinking manners. He explained, “I learned this from a friend,” and gulped the liquor in his cup with one-shot.

He also added, “I learned drinking initiatives from a friend,” and this friend happens to be 2AM’s Seulong, who seemed surprised at Nichkhun carrying out these actions that he taught him.

After enjoying their samgyupsal feast, the lovely couple headed to a karaoke where Victoria taught Nichkhun how to dance to NUABO, and Nichkhun serenaded Victoria with the sweet song, Nothing Better.

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