August 28, 2010

Nichkhun and Victoria holds hands thanks to Adam couple

On the recent episode of MBC We got married, Nickhun-Victoria couple rang Jo Kwon – Ga In couple to meet up at Han river and iniated a double date. When they met each other, Jo Kwon and Ga In were holdings hands and Jo Kwon suggested to Nickhun, “You guys should hold hands too”

Ga In pulled Nickhun’s hand and made him hold Victoria’s hand while Jo Kwon was patting Victoria’s hand and telling her “This is how you hold hands”.

The situation had changed when getting into the car, Nickhun opened the door for Victoria whereas Jo Kwon didn’t for Ga In. After seeing this, he quickly ran and opened the door for Ga In as well. But Ga In rejected him saying “Since when have you ever opened the door for me?”

Cute couple no?

Source : My daily

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