August 29, 2010

f(x)’s Amber alert: where in the world is she?

Note: I know this has nothing to do with Khuntoria Couple however as a fan of f(x) I'm also wondering where in the world is Amber? I'm really worried and hoping that she'll be back really soon

The boyish charisma of Amber has been acutely missed by f(x) fans, many of whom have started to become inquisitive about her absence from the group’s public appearances. Amber was forced to withdraw prematurely from the NU ABO promotions due to an injury, yet she was scheduled to return in time for the SMTOWN LIVE ’10 event on the 21st. The event came and went, as did a promotional photoshoot with f(x) fans, but Amber was nowhere to be found.

Last month, an official SM Entertainment press release was quick to assure fans that Amber’s continued absence was the result of receiving treatment back in the United States, but some fans remain skeptical.

The apprehension about Amber’s status recently escalated into resentful fury when the September issue of ‘W’ magazine featured only three out of the five f(x) members. f(x) lead vocalist Krystal was quoted as saying, “(T)he members are concentrating on solo activities. We are preparing for a new album, so please look out for us.”

Netizens dissatisfied with SM Entertainment’s continued silence on Amber’s status has left them fearing the worst: “Did Amber leave f(x)?”

For now, concerned supporters can savor a little drop of comfort. Running into Amber in Los Angeles, a fan timidly asked her if she was returning to Korea soon. Reassuringly, Amber confirmed yes. It’s been said that she is currently enjoying an extended personal vacation back home. We can only hope to hear from our favorite tomboy soon.

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