August 31, 2010

New Info about WGM Victoria-Nichkun “Khuntoria” Couple

Our Korean Khuntoria (fan) Leader has spoken to the staff on WGM, the staff who are in charge of Khuntoria. Leader represented us to ask the questions we all wanted to know the answer to:

1) Q: Has Khuntoria couple really signed a 6 month or 20 episodes contract?

A: The airing time for couples are not set, it depends on the reactions from the audience and the independent schedules for each actor/actress. They could end early but also stay for longer (than contracted)

2) Q: Is it true that they have a new marriage home with Adam couple?

A: Have not heard of and have seen no proof of this rumour.

3) Q: If they don’t have a house in 6 months time, they will carry on filming in “outside” locations?

A: This is also a rumour, we are preparing their new house now.

4) Q: What is the general reaction towards Khuntoria couple? How are the ratings during Khuntoria’s airing time?

A: The reactions are very good. Cannot disclose Khuntoria couple’s ratings, but can inform everybody that it is very good.

5) Q: Can you tell us Khuntoria couple’s filming schedule? We would like to see Khuntoria for ourselves.

A: About whether we can tell you the schedule, you would have to ask Khuntoria’s manager.

6) Q: If we want to interview the studio, how do we get in contact?

A: I will give you manager 빅미선’s number, you can contact him.

Our leader will contact manager 빅미선, if we have any more WGM news, we will reveal it as soon as possible.

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