August 18, 2010

Nichkhun films a couple photoshoot with Kim So Young

As reported earlier, Nichkhun had filmed for a photoshoot in Bali recently for Elle Girl. More information and photos have now been revealed in additional to the earlier photos.
Nichkhun had partook in this photoshoot with JYPE’s rookie actress, Kim So Young (aka as little Go So Young), where they acted as a couple who was having a beach vacation.  In real life though, they have a brother-sister relationship, so it was a little awkward while filming the photoshoot.
Despite sweating profusely because of the hot weather, an issue that was exacerbated by wearing thick clothes, Nichkhun never once stopped to take break and won the praise of the staff.
Nichkhun, who was in Bali for the first time, expressed,
“The weather and scenery (Bali) are pretty similar to Thailand. So it felt like home. After completing the last shoot, I jumped straight into the pool with my clothes on because it was so hot. Working with (Kim So Young) was a pretty fun experience because it was like going on a vacation with my real sister. She seemed to have look out for me more than usual because of the hot weather. The photo effects were great since she’s a pretty dongsaeng to begin with.”
Kim So Young also expressed her thoughts about Nichhkun, who watched her grow up,
“He’s a kind and honest person. Even though he has a busy schedule, I am shocked that he still forks out time to rehearse and attend classes. Nichkhun oppa is someone who has clear goals and ambitions.”
Having debuted through Elle Girl in July, this is her second photoshoot with the magazine.
“I am honored and thankful that everyone likes me. As an actress, I hope to be acknowledged for my acting ability. Although I am just starting out, I hope to show everyone different sides of me through good works and will work hard to become a good actress.”
Their full photoshoot will be revealed in the September issue of Elle Girl and through the magazine’s official website.

Credit: allkpop

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