August 16, 2010

SM Entertainment hits jackpot in sales

With K-pop’s biggest celebrities working daily for the company, there’s no doubt in the fact that SM Entertainment probably has the largest income in the industry.
Behold. It has been calculated by Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service that SM Entertainment has made around 47.5 billion Korean won during the first six months of year 2010, which roughly converts to 40 million dollars in USD. This is about 59% larger than what they’ve made last year.
Also, it’s been revealed that SM Entertainment has earned over 18.6 billion Korean won, over 3 times as much as last year. SM stated, “This achievement was possible due to increasing overseas income made by our artists like Super JuniorBoASNSDSHINee, and f(x).”
SM Entertainment believes their income will increase even more, as they’ve been slowly entering the application market for various smartphones. Also, SNSD’s overseas activities are expected to bring even more money for the company.
Credit: allkpop

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