August 08, 2010

Khuntoria WGM Episode 5

Nichkhun tricked Victoria?

2PM’s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria went on a trip together in last week’s episode of We Got Married.

The episode continued its second part on the 24th where Nichkhun admitted that he told a white lie to Victoria.

Nichkhun promised to keep a photo diary and bring it to show Victoria. He did do it for her but he lied and said he left it at home.

Nichkhun said in the black room interview, “I did bring the diary. It was my first time keeping a journal. The members told me that I was so into it. I was looking forward to showing her. I knew she would like it. I worked hard on it. I wanted to see her reaction and then show her after making her disappointed.”

Victoria did seem awfully disappointed but afterwards he revealed that it was a lie and surprised her. She was really touched that he kept his promise.

The MC’s of the show and fans watching were all jealous of Victoria.

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